Hello, Mycleaners Laundry
Monthly Subscription
Service !

Laundry, meet subscription. Priced by the weight, not by the per piece. If it fits, it’ll get washed.

All plans include FREE Next-Day Delivery*

Goodbye, laundry day

Choose how many KG's of clothes you need to wash per month and we’ll pick up, clean, and deliver. All on your schedule. What will you do with your newfound time?

Priced by per KG

Stinky clothes? Lots of items? No worries. Pay once at the time of begining of packages & get all pick-up and Drop-off are free.

Flexible pickups

We pick up and deliver 7 days a week, between 9AM to 9PM.

Unlimited rollover

Monthly packages plans include rollover of unused KG's to the next month.

Expert cleaning

Your clothes are returned freshly cleaned and crisply folded.

Free Next-Day Drop

New Mycleaners Repeat plans include free Next-Day Delivery .

The only thing left to do is put it away (or not!)


What if I need more packages occasionally?

No problem. Request an additional package for your clothes, or schedule a separate pickup - you’ll pay for the extra KG's of clothes at the lesser of the average price per Kg on your plan.

Can I put anything I want to wash in the Laundry bag?

If it fits, yes - with a couple of exceptions ( do not keep any item which is require drycleaning) any items in the bag must be able to be machine washed and dried.

Do I pay a Service Fee for Mycleaners Repeat or any other Mycleaners services?

All Mycleaners Repeat plans also include a Mycleaners Go subscription at no extra cost.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Email at contact@mycleaners.in at least one day prior to your renewal date and we’ll cancel your subscription for you. For early termination of annual plans, please see our policy.

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