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Surviving in this humongous concrete jungle and being one of the many in the ongoing rat race we sapiens find it difficult to spare a few minutes to have a proper healthy meal or afford a power nap. Moreover, it's hard to take out time for household chores because after a prolonged struggle in office it's painful to gush out the dirt from the utensils and clothes too.

Our lives have now been made easy with clicks on fingertips. Just as we say every coin has two sides similarly technology has both of its boon and bane it all depends on how and where you utilize it. To ease up your life and save some hours on the clock we introduce you to our new service 'MyCleaners', a professional cleaning service that caters from the personal wardrobe to different household products.

In this fast-paced world where technology is scripting history and revolution in varied genres of life MyCleaners is at your doorstep to provide you with the top quality services, combining the newest in the field with eco-friendly equipment.

Our new product is a perfect blend of technology that is prepped to deal with the challenges of changing times and also to be your loyal and earnest buddy in laundry work. We merely aren't just a laundry service company but also an employee-centric, user-friendly organization that works with integrity, honesty, and for whom customer satisfaction is the biggest applause and appraisal.


On 1st June 2020, we started off with a vision to be the undisputed pioneer in laundry services in India, paving dedication, quality, trust, commitment, and customer service our core foundations. Once you enter the money-making world it's all about those tiring and hysterical weekdays and lethargic weekends, where you plan for a binge-watch a Netflix show on a Saturday night but end up washing the sweaty loads drenched in detergent. It's not only the corporate robots but also the lonely bachelors who are caught up in this vicious cycle.

Like not all superheroes come with a cape, Mycleaners is one such hero in disguise, that will save your time, money, electricity, detergent, water, and your binge-watch or dinner date. Once Mycleaners is at your service then all you're required to do is you can just sit back and rejuvenate. And I bet you'll never regret our cost-effective, qualitative and transparent work.

Perks & Satisfaction

Prior to spending hundreds or thousands on a product we compare and analyse its quality, cost-effectiveness, any additional benefits, and most importantly whether the product can satisfy your needs or not. Similarly, MyCleaners comes with vivid additional benefits that not only cater to one but a spectrum of household chores as mentioned above.

Our bunch of dedicated employees are not only loyal workers but a united family working towards a common aim that is 'Customer Satisfaction'.

  • The factors which embark the qualities of MyCleaners and makes it different from others are as follows:

1. Hygiene

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, customers tend to pay more heed to the hygiene factor. Just like you, our motto is also to provide hygienic services and our brand is earmarked to provide you the services with apt safety. Even our brand tagline focus on cleanliness and proper services henceforth we'll never give you a chance to raise a question at our services. Usually while dry-cleaning, clothes have to undergo harsh chemicals to remove stains that at times affect the fabric and colour but Mycleaners don’t use harsh chemicals but cater to retain the authenticity of the fabric.

2. Timely and fast service

Time is the most important factor for the customer and MyCleaners. So all you need to do is to provide pickup and delivery details to save your valuable time which means that you do not want to waste your precious time bringing the clothes to be cleaned. Your clothes will be cleaned and delivered as per your customized instructions.

3. Quality

MyCleaners provides the best service which is done with the help of professional staff members and the product is packed properly in a tidy way so that the customer feels satisfied.

4. Affordable

MyCleaners provides affordable laundry, Dry cleaning & Home Services available across India at a very affordable price because not every laundry service will guarantee you with quality service to your lovely clothes at a nominal price. If you spend a penny on our service, you'll never regret it.

5. Eco-Friendly

MyCleaners follows all the rules and regulations and works within the needed bounds and precautions to be of no harm to the society or nature in any manner. Want to reward yourself soothing weekends or untiring weekdays, contact MyCleaners. We will be there at your rescue from household chores.

6. Expert cleaning

Leave your clothes to the people who know best. You'll receive your clothes Drycleaned, pressed on hangers, or neatly folded (depending on the service).

7. Convenience

Schedule via Phone call, website or thru our Mobile app. We pick up and deliver everyday, even if you are not home.

8. Fast Turnaround

Our standard turnaround all services 24-48 Hours.

We’re in it for you

MyCleaners understands you and your personalized busy schedules and hence we provide you with our multiple services at your doorstep.

At MyCleaners, we work to provide one simple, consistent, high-quality solution to take care of everything in your closet.

We offer premium services with the eco-friendly products and consumer-friendly process. Above all, we assure you of quality work and customer satisfaction.

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Registered office:
29, Sarai Jullena, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110025

Corporate office:

  1. Gurugram: SAS Tower 9th Floor Sec 38, Near Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
  2. Guwahati:2nd floor, No 1, Rupali Path, Old City Faculty Building, Opp. Overnite Exprees, AIDC, Zoo Road, Guwahtai, Assam, 781024