Terms of use

Q1) When & how will I receive my original bill?

Ensure to take original bill or copy after due delivery of articles to be processed. You can also download the bill through our website or Mobile App. Original bill or copy needs to be presented at the time of delivery of processed articles.


Q2) What if the Original Bill gets lost or is misplaced?

If the original bill is lost or could not be produced at the time of delivery, the delivery of the processed article shall be made to the owner only after verifying his/her credential. You can also regenerate it through the website or App.


Q3) What if the customer is not satisfied with the service?

If not satisfied with the quality of any service offered, customers should get in touch with the store or the company within 24 hours for resolution.


Q4) What if the customer discovers a damage after the delivery of their items?

Customers are requested to examine the articles at the time of delivery; we would not be held responsible for any damages that are found after delivery of processed articles.


Q5) What is MyCleaners policy on items with risk of damage during cleaning?

We are not responsible for fastness, color bleed, color running, shrinkage, damages to embellishments or embroidery work on the articles during processing. We would be putting in our best efforts to remove any stains or unwanted marks on the clothes; however we cannot guarantee 100% removal of stains or marks. Customers will have no claim whatsoever or no rights to ask for deduction in processing charges on account of this.


Q6) What if my clothes are not delivered on the scheduled date?

We put in our best efforts to ensure timely pick-up and delivery; however there might be incidents beyond our control or incidences of Force Majeure where we are unable to stick to the timelines. In such cases, customer cannot claim any compensation, refunds or any reduction in charges.


Q7) What happens if MyCleaners loses or damages one of my items?

We will do everything that we can to return your garments to you in perfect shape. In the rare occasion that a thing disappears or is harmed during the cleaning procedure, we will provide reimbursement up to the maximum of 7-10 times of the service value, as per our terms and conditions.