MyCleaners has partnered with Raise India Foundation,which is a non-profit organization working for the betterment of the underprivileged. Our aim is to provide garment donations to those in need.

Raise India Foundation works to provide medical aid to economically weaker cancer patients. Their work also extends in providing child education in rural India. They also work for women empowerment by promoting female education and making the people aware about the menace of domestic violence against women and female feticide.

To know more about Raise India Foundation,

This initiative started by us in collaboration with Raise India Foundation is known as ‘EkPahal’. Join this initiative and donate your old clothes to the ones who need them during winters.

In order to donate, arrange your clothing items in a plastic or paper bag along with a label stating ‘Donation’. OurMyRider will collect the Donation bag during your next pickup or delivery and deliver it to Raise India