Where to store winter clothes during summers

Every season brings loads of responsibilities, the responsibility of buying new clothes, the responsibility of taking out the clothes which are suitable according to the season, the responsibility of packing the old ones and the responsibility of storing them. Now the question arises here is where should we store them? Winter ends and then it’s time to pull out your shorts and t-shirts and store your winter clothes elsewhere. But where should we store winter clothes? How should we keep them safe? Are they safe in the garage or attic? Properly storing winter clothes requires some prep work. We’re answering some of your questions and giving you some bright ideas to make the most of your space as you learn the best way to store your clothes when you’re not wearing them.

Here’s presenting you with some do’s and don’ts about how to store winter clothes:

Step 1: Get your winter clothes dry-cleaned

Even if they don’t look dirty, make it a point to clean your winter clothes before you store them. It can mean everything when it comes to the condition of your clothes in storage. Since there are some clothes which have to be washed or dry-cleaned.