Winter Blues

How does winter wear turns into winter fear

During our childhood days, our mothers used to make us wear those turtle neck warmers, or rather I should call it as skivvies that I used to hate because it used to make me feel chocked and itchy, agree or not? Later on, I gave a thought about it, that it can be either my stubbornness or can be an allergy. Skin allergies are very common due to winter clothes, especially with women because they have very sensitive skin. No matter how expensive the garment is, skin allergies will always prevail. In order to understand about these let’s explore some facts down below.

  • Why skin irritation occurs

Textile Dermatitis is a skin allergy that is caused by color dyes or the fabric. Wool is a common cause of skin infection due to which many people tend to get these allergies. Skin irritation can also occur when the clothing is too tight and chafes against your skin. These allergies tend to occur specifically in the moist areas which have plenty of contact with fabric, such as behind your knees or armpits.